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Psychotherapy is the process of revealing inner conflictual feelings and behaviour and moving towards creating longstanding and healthier changes.

Eventhough the intensity and the time span may be different for everyone, people seek support for various reasons (anxiety, depression, grief, conflictual relationship, emotional crisis, fears, self esteem etc.) 

This process demands introspection and your active participation for it to be a healing and a restorative one. 

My role in this process is to offer a safe space and relationships secure enough to enhance your self-awareness, foster understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in relation to your experiences, facilitate creating positive change and a global state of well-being. 


Couples' Psykotango
workshops and retreats

Psykotango is a new relationship enrichment technic for couples who seek deeper connections to feel more pleasure being together in a relationship.


We help them develop trust,  laugh together, create memorable moments  and connect mindfully and deeply for harmonious relationships in day-to day life with private couples exercises and larger group interaction.

Our workshops and retreats helps couples identify stressful patterns and dynamics they might experience with their communication or daily interactions, understand more their personal adaptive mechanism and attachement styles for clearer boundaries allowing stronger bonds.

Our workshops are offered on following dates, exploring themes mentioned above. Get in touch for inquiries and registration.

Next workshop: November 18th 2023

Couples Workshops

Support groups

Group setting is known to be a pillar in offering support, to be a sounding board allowing respectfully to acknowledge different perspectives and a space to develop and experience changes.



Anxiety and burn-out support groups have been a constant in my clinical practice for few years now. 

Using mindfulness, IBP breathing technics and yoga postures, those groups, with a small number of participants, allow them to learn efficient and powerful technics and skills they can't put in practice daily to enhance their everyday life.

Groups are offered in series of 8 weekly session.

Registration is required, a couple of minutes interview is held with each participant to assess their situation.


Anxiety group:October 2023

get in touch to register for upcoming group. 



Support Groups


Giving your teams the opportunity to benefits from mental health support is not just your way of showing that you care, but also a sure investment enhancing their performances and skills at work. 

With the raise of burn-out numbers, offering your teams well-being workshops is a progressive way to prevent burn-out and absenteeism and giving them tools to better cope with work-life situations.


Stress management, burn-out preventions tools, individual and group support are samples of how I can be of a support for your team and your business. 

I've also developed an expertise helping entrepreneurs better cope with anxiety and stress in relationship to their constant work changing circumstances. Don't hesitate to reach out.


At work

Clinical Supervision 

I am a clinical supervisor and a licensed supervisor for  Quebec permit of psychotherapist practitioners.

I offer supervision in both psychodynamic and humanistic-existential approches as well as all the somatic approches.

Clinical supervision
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