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My Approach

Who am I.

Nadine finds that her journey through life was guided by a deep curiosity about the human mind and heart. From a young age, Nadine found herself captivated by the intricate workings of human nature—why we think, feel, and behave the way we do. This insatiable curiosity led her to delve into the study of psychology,—She was drawn to psychodynamic modalities, where she explored the depths of the unconscious and the complexities of human relationships.  Eager to unravel and explore the intricate web of human relationships for Nadine, knowledge wasn't just about academic pursuits—it was about understanding the raw, messy, beautiful essence of being human. 

This interest ultimately led her to become a psychotherapist, and she has been practicing for more than 20 years now.

But Nadine's exploration didn't stop at the confines of the psyche. Her path took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon the practice of yoga dance and mouvement. Initially drawn to it as a form of exercise, she soon discovered its profound teachings about the mind-body connection and subtle language of the body—the way it holds onto tension and the effect of the psyche on the mouvement and the breath.

She felt drawn to explore different approaches to therapy that honored the interconnectedness of mind and body, . This led her to study integrative body psychotherapy, a therapeutic approach that utilizes the body as a tool for healing and transformation. 

The psyche and the body are intricately connected through the language of movement and breath. Every gesture, every inhale and exhale, carries with it the imprint of our emotions, thoughts, and experiences. Through mindful movement and conscious breathing, we can access deeper layers of our being, unraveling tensions held in the body and unlocking insights hidden within the recesses of the mind.

the body becomes a vessel for exploration and healing, a conduit through which deep-seated patterns and wounds find release and resolution. With gentle guidance and unwavering empathy, she walks alongside her clients on their journey toward wholeness and liberation.


Purple Buds

Driven by a compassionate heart and fuelled by her own experiences Nadine found her self supporting those afflicted by trauma and anxiety. Moreover, Nadine possesses a unique expertise in guiding individuals through life transitions. Whether navigating career changes, relationship shifts, or personal growth journeys, she offers compassionate support and insightful guidance, helping her clients find clarity and empowerment amidst the uncertainty of change.


She witnessed how trauma could embed itself not just in memories and thoughts, but also in the very tissues and sensations of the body. Through her practice, she learned to recognize the subtle ways trauma could shape posture, breath, and movement, often manifesting as tightness, dissociation, or hypervigilance.


For Nadine, the journey of healing trauma was not just about addressing symptoms or coping mechanisms—it was about fostering a deep sense of embodied resilience and self-compassion. Through her compassionate presence and skillful guidance, she helped her clients navigate the often challenging terrain of trauma with courage, patience, and a profound trust in the body's innate capacity for healing and transformation.


Nadine's dedication to supporting people through life transitions stems from her belief in the inherent resilience of the human spirit. She understands that change can be a catalyst for growth and self-realization, and she is committed to helping her clients harness their inner strength and wisdom to navigate transitions with courage and authenticity.


In Nadine's practice, transitions are not merely moments of upheaval but opportunities for profound personal evolution. Through her compassionate presence and global approach to therapy, she guides her clients toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the paths that lie ahead, empowering them to embrace change with open hearts and open minds.


Nadine's story is a testament to the resilience of the human and the boundless potential for growth and healing. Through her approach, she illuminates the interconnectedness of mind and body, inviting others to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In a world marked by turmoil and uncertainty.

But perhaps Nadine's greatest gift was her ability to see the humanity in everyone she met—to recognize that behind every struggle, every fear, every triumph, there was a person with a story to tell. And in listening to those stories, Nadine found her own sense of purpose and belonging—a reminder that we are all connected, bound together by the threads of our shared humanity.

Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapy and Counselling

I offer counselling and psychotherapy for adults in in-person and virtual setting.Being located in Downtown Montreal, the practice had plenty of interaction with anxiety and burnout cases. This has allowed to garner extensive experience and expertise in this field.

Throughout all my practice, I also have worked with people experiencing difficult life transition and suffering from trauma and TSPT.


Our Somatic Health Training Continuing Education program offers comprehensive and practical training sessions designed to help practitioners integrate somatic approaches into their interventions with clients. 


Our trainings incorporate yoga, breathwork, and mental health approaches to create a holistic approach to client care. Our experienced trainers provide hands-on practice and will help you develop techniques you can use in your practice. Our continuing education program is an excellent way to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of somatic health.


I am a licensed supervisor for the permit of psychotherapist in Quebec. 

I offer supervision in both psychodynamic and humanistic-existential approches as well as all the somatic approches. 

Couples workshops and retreats

Our workshops are new relationship enrichment technic for couples who seek deeper connections to feel more pleasure being together in a relationship,We help them develop trust,  laugh together, create memorable moments  and connect mindfully and deeply for harmonious relationships in day-to-day life.

My Credentials

Psychologist by training since 2000 , I am also member of the college of psychotherapists of Ontario, a psychotherapist permit holder to practice in Quebec as well as being a member of the Canadian Association of Psychotherapy and Counselling and former President and actual member still of Quebec association of psychotherapists. 

My main practice approach is Psychodynamic. I am also a certified Integrated Body Psychotherapy (IBP) psychotherapist, teacher and supervisor. I have also recently got my level 3 certification in LifeSpan Integration as Trained therapist.


Integrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP) is an experiential psychotherapeutic modality that involves the body and mind. It is a technique that integrates many psychological theories, as well as body, consciousness, movement and breathing techniques borrowed from various yogic, meditative and spiritual practices. IBP is a psychotherapeutic model that is in constant evolution. Read more

LifeSpan Integration is an extremely powerful, effective and often quick relief therapy for trauma, anxiety and other difficult situations. 

It is an innovative therapy based on the innate self-healing capacity of the body-mind system. It is based on the fact that it reactivates neural integration to support the natural capacity of the body and psyche to heal itself. During an LifeSpan Integration session, the client's unconscious material is activated, reorganized and integrated, all within the same 60 to 90 minute session. Read more.

Psychodynamic approach is an approach of introspection and self-knowledge aimed at the proper regulation and resolution of intra-psychic conflicts. It is a short and medium term approach, often at the rate of one meeting per week, and the therapy focuses on one or several central problems of the person. This approach focuses on personal dynamics, more specifically on the ways in which emotions, impulses and defense mechanisms can affect our behavior in relational contexts and are part of a repetition of typical relational patterns (central conflict). 

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