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Frequently asked questions about the course of the meetings.

If you do not find your answers or if you need other information, do not hesitate to contact me. 

How often are meetings scheduled?

Meetings are usually held on a weekly basis with a fixed time slot (same time, same day). However, it can vary depending on the nature of the problem. As a time slot is reserved for you, the cancellation of the appointment must be made 48 hours before the scheduled date. In the case of non-compliance with deadlines, late cancellation fees will be applied to the full amount of the session.

Are the expenses covered by my insurance?

Group insurance programs reimburse the fees of psychotherapists in whole or in part (check with your insurance company). Also, the non-refunded portion is tax deductible as "medical expenses".

How long is the therapeutic process?

The total duration of the process depends on the problem and your objectives. It will be communicated to you after the evaluation period of the first sessions.

Protection of personal information

On September 22, 2022, Bill 25 concerning the protection of personal information will gradually begin to come into force over a period of three years. This law affects the standards of practice of health professionals, including psychotherapists.
As a psychotherapist and self-employed worker, I will now have the following responsibilities in my clinic

    -Administering the Privacy Act 
    -Responding to requests for personal information (e.g. access, correction, release, etc.)
    -Implementing governance rules for personal information
    -Maintain records of disclosure of personal information
    -Notifying the Commission d'accès à l'information of any privacy incidents involving personal information
    -Maintain a log of privacy incidents involving personal information
Other measures will also be put in place by 2024: more information will follow.
Nadine Gharios.
Privacy Officer for the clinic.

What are the payment methods?

Three methods of payment are accepted: cash, or bank transfer at the end of each session.

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