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You have already shown courage by visiting this site. Congratulations!

I salute your desire to move forward and venture into your areas of vulnerability.

If you want to go further in this process of connection with yourself, I am here.

My role as a psychotherapist is precisely to accompany you in your quest for clarity and meaning by providing you with a secure link and optimal conditions, which will allow you to have more vitality and make profound changes.

About me

Counselling, Psychotherapy Consultation.
Body-centered wellness services to individuals experiencing psychological difficulties.

I am a psychologist by training (2000) and have been licensed as a psychotherapist in Quebec (60204-12) since 2012.


I have been a psychotherapist for over 20 years and a clinical supervisor in private practice. J have also been practicing yoga for two decades and has been a yoga teacher for several years.


I am a practitioner and teacher of IBP (integrative body psychotherapy). Over the past ten years, J have combined these skills to focus on body-centered approaches, working primarily with anxiety, depression and burn-out.

Using talking, breathing techniques and mindfulness, I help  achieve overall well-being, offering my services in Montreal, Canada and abroad.

About me
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Workshops and couples   retreats



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I will answer as soon as I can.

372 Sainte- Catherine W,

Montreal,H3B 1A2, Canada

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