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 Psychotherapist ,Supervisor, Somatic trainer

You have already shown courage by visiting this site. Congratulations!

I salute your desire to move forward and venture into your areas of vulnerability.

If you want to go further in this process of connection with yourself, I am here.

My role as a psychotherapist is precisely to accompany you in your quest for clarity and meaning by providing you with a secure link and optimal conditions, which will allow you to have more vitality and make profound changes.

About me

Counselling, Psychotherapy Consultation.
Body-centered wellness services to individuals experiencing psychological difficulties.

Nadine’s journey through life was guided by a deep curiosity about the human mind and heart. From a young age, Nadine found herself captivated by the intricate workings of human nature —why we think, feel, and behave the way we do. This led her to delve into the study of psychology and become a psychotherapist. She has been practicing for more than 20 years now. In her work, she was drawn to psychodynamic modalities, where she explored the depths of the unconscious and the complexities of human relationships, as well as the essence of being human..

Nadine's exploration did not stop at the confines of the psyche. After being initially drawn to yoga as a form of exercise, she soon discovered its profound teachings about the mind-body connection and subtle language of the body through the way it holds onto tension and the effect of the psyche on movement and breath. Since then, she has felt drawn to explore different approaches to therapy that honored the interconnectedness of mind and body. This has led her to study integrative body psychotherapy, a therapeutic approach that utilizes the body as a tool for healing and transformation.

Driven by compassion and her own experiences, Nadine found herself supporting those afflicted by trauma and anxiety. She expertly guides individuals through life transitions. Whether navigating career changes, relationship shifts, or personal growth journeys, she offers support and insightful guidance, helping her those who seek her find clarity and empowerment amidst the uncertainty of change.

Through her practice, she has also learned to recognize the subtle ways trauma could shape posture, breath, and movement, often manifesting as tightness, dissociation, or hypervigilance. Thus, for Nadine, the journey of healing trauma was not just about addressing symptoms or coping mechanisms—it was about fostering a deep sense of resilience and self-compassion. Hence, she helps her clients harness their inner strength and wisdom to navigate transitions with courage and strength.

About me

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Please be advised, I'm offering ONLY online sessions for the time being.

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